Meet the Team


Sophie Osiecki

Sophie Osiecki is the Editor in Chief. She is also one of Undercurrent Philosophy’s co-founders and co-produced the current layout of the site with Alex Gowan-Webster. Educated at UCL and the University of Cambridge, she is a specialist in the history and philosophy of science.


Eugene Chua

Eugene Chua is the Social Media and Publicity Manager. He is interested in issues at the crossroads between metaphysics, general philosophy of science, physics, logic and mathematics. Educated at the University of Cambridge, he is now pursuing Masters studies at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy.



Liberty Fitz-Claridge is a reviewer interested in metaethics, free will, political philosophy and philosophy of science.




edmund Edmund Smith is a reviewer and editor. He splits his time between on the one hand constructing conceptual tools with which to articulate the problem of ontology, and on the other working on the network of problems surrounding current Hegel scholarship. He received his undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics, and is currently taking an MA in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick.


Nathan Oseroff is a reviewer and editor. His focus is primarily in philosophy of science and epistemology. He received his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College, his Masters from UCL, and is currently a graduate student at KCL.